• Keep track of the most important people in your life ,
    Latitude Assist for helps you and your family to be located by SOS, out of secured zone area or over speed.
  • Includes SOS tool that allow you to set up to 3 SOS Mobile numbers are used to request
    help or emergncy.
  • With Lite Web Solution supports you Completely Free.
  • Useful mobile application to help you/children deal with many everyday
    inconveniences or nuisances.

Flexible Technology

  • Lite SOS tracking service includes the ability to receive automated out-of-geo-fence and automated
    over-speed positions SMS reports no matter where you are.
  • LatitudeAssist Web Site helps you to create your geo-fence free, generated geo-fence is saved on server
    with unique key you use this key with your application mobile settings.
  • LatitudeAssist Web Site helps you to view out-of-geo-fence alerts you receive and over speed alerts
    inlcludes informations about location.


  • Set up to 3 sos recipients
  • Manual Help request SMS SOS to any of 3 recipients (emergency/inconveniences ...etc).
  • Out of geo-fence SMS alert for 3 recipients (optional you can enable/disable)
  • Over Speed alert (optional you can enable/disable)
  • Where i am feature finds your location address and display it on the map on mobile.
  • Setting are password protected.

Supported Mobiles & Download

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